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A Profile of Ningde Normal University(NNU)

NNU is a full-time public undergraduate higher-learning institute approved by the National Education Ministry. It is located in Ningde, an eastern coastal city of Fujian Province, faces magnificent and superb Sandu Bay and enjoys convenient transportation access and beautiful surroundings. It occupies an area of 1210 Mu(1 mu=one fifteenth hectare) with a constructed floor of 280,000 square meters. Its teaching facilities are worth 73.3083 million yuan. Its library maintains 1.34 million books and houses databases of She Ethnic Documents and Famous People of Mindong(East Fujian).

NNU was granted the credentials to confer bachelor degrees in 2014 and in 2015 was awarded as one ofThe 12thBatch of Civilization Model Schools of Fujian Province. Once it was praised by the National Education Ministry for its distinctive emphasis on performance in cultivating qualified elementary school teachers. Twice it was awarded the honorable title of being a“ Model University With Social Practice” by the National Publicity Ministry and the Youth League of the Central Government. Five times in a row it was appraised to be a “Civilization Model School” by the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Government。

NNU sticks to its own educational emphasis on serving both the growth of its students and the local economic development, and is in pursuit of a development path of trying to be intensive, unique, excellent and vigorous in its education. At the moment a coordinated specialty structure of sciences and social arts has been established with teacher training as its foundation. There are 7058 full-time students among 14 departments majoring in 32 specialties, of which 17 are of vocational majors and 15 are of teacher training. There are 426 full-time teachers, of whom 177 have senior academic titles which accounts for 41.5 % of the total. Besides sixty-six point four percent of the 247 teachers have master or doctorate degrees.

NNU attaches importance to scientific research and constantly combines learning, production, research and application, and takes initiative steps to serve the local economic and social development. Recent years have seen NNU awarded 3 provincial projects of natural sciences, 2 provincial projects of scientific progress, 1 provincial excellent achievement of social sciences. Besides NNU has received over 100 patents, of which 9 were national patents of inventions. It also has received over 20 provincial reform and teaching quality projects of undergraduate education, of which 8 were upgrading projects for the undergraduate education running in the newly established universities, 1 was the key lab project of Fujian province, 4 were the teaching reform projects of higher learning institutes, 1 was the first-class award of the Seventh Fujian Provincial Teaching Achievements, and 3 were the second-class awards.

NNU adheres to opening up its education and keeps fine cooperation with more than 50 famous universities at home and abroad, as well as some scientific research organs,enterprises and government departments. It is striving to construct a cooperative educational pattern that is multiplied with its educational forms, tiers and varieties.

With Ningde City as its foothold and radiating educational influence over the western coastal area of the Taiwan Strait, the vision and goals of Ningde Normal University are:to serve the local economic and social development, cultivate high-quality elementary school teachers and high-level applied professionals. Beside NNU highlights its teachers training, vocational application,and local service, and strives to build itself into a strong and a high-level university with various specialties,and vocational application.

Address: No. 1 Xuanyuan Road, Dongqiao Economic Development Zone of Ningde City

Zip Code: 352100